Monday, February 17, 2014

From Deck to Flag

Happy President's Day! To celebrate, how about an American themed post for today?

When we moved into our house we knew our deck needed some love. Nails were popping up and the wood was splintering. Well, it turns out the deck needed a whole lot of love. After Kyle's foot nearly went through the wood when he stepped on it, we decided it was best to tear it down and build new. When Kyle tore it apart and we discovered all sorts of rot.

Not all of the wood was rotten. A good part of it was, but there was still some that was usable. So, of course, Kyle got to work reusing the wood. He had an idea to make an American flag. It is similar to pallet art, but instead it's tear-down-your-old-deck art

We opted to use a brighter red and blue color than an actual American flag. We did this because it sticks with the color scheme we have going on elsewhere in the house. We used the red for our front door, and the blue on the tree painting that is hanging in our living room.

After he assembled the wood, Kyle taped off the stripes and rolled the red paint on. To do the stars, we cut them out of cardstock, taped them into place, and Kyle rolled the blue paint on right over the top. It actually worked great! I was worried the paint might leak through, but the stars came out nice and crisp.

Here is the finished product. This thing is big. Like 6.5 feet wide big. It's pretty awesome.  It sure makes quite the statement, doesn't it?

It seems that Kyle and I have a tendency to take on a lot at one time. There is typically some sort of project in progress around here.. When Kyle was working on the flag, there were two other projects that we were also working on. Kyle used the deck wood to make a frame for his tree painting in our living room, and we bought and reupholstered an old couch which we also placed in our living room. Here is what our garage looked like with three projects in progress at the same time:

I think we need a shop... :)

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