Thursday, February 6, 2014

Free Printable: Dinosaur Valentines

Admittedly, Valentine's Day is not one of my favorite holidays. It's ok... I know it's fun for kids, so I might try to come up with something special and fun to do with my girls on Valentine's Day. But beyond that, I really just don't get into it. I'll play along, but I don't go all out. And I don't expect Kyle to either. I'd rather do something more extravagant for our anniversary, a day just for us.

That being said, I made some valentine's for Hailey to hand out to her classmates in preschool. The big Valentine's Day party is next week, of course, and she needs valentines to share! I do remember in elementary school having fun spending the time writing my name on them, packaging them up, and sharing them with my classmates. I thought Hailey would enjoy the same, so I elected her to help me assemble some awesome dino valentines.

I grabbed our two dinosaurs, (Yes, we only have two. I think we need to add a few more, they need friends.) and did a little photoshoot. Belle even made an appearance. Lucky us!

I took those pictures into photoshop, did a little photoshop magic and cut the dinosaurs out. I brought them into Illustrator and being playing and creating.

One thing I knew I wanted was Hailey's cute handwritten name on them. So, I had Hailey write her name with a sharpie on a piece of paper for me. I then scanned it into the computer and did some quick photoshop cropping and brought that image into Illustrator as well.

When the design was finished, we printed the cards out on cardstock. Hailey helped me cut the cards out and round the corners- this she loved. We picked up some dinosaur fruit snacks at the store and taped the cards onto the fruit snacks. And now her valentines are ready and waiting for the big day!

Look! Even the dinos like them.

They are already trying to rip into the fruit snacks. Looks like we will have to hide them until next week! :)

Looking for some valentines of your own? Here, try ours. Click on each of the images below to download a PDF file with 8 valentines per page.


  1. These are great! And a pretty genius idea to copy her name!

  2. Seriously, what did people do before photoshop?? These are super cute!

  3. These are just adorable!! I love that you scanned her handwriting in and added it, too! Thanks so much for linking up to Something Fabulous Wednesday!


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