Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Trial and Error Hipster Bag

My cute little sister Corinne is a brand new college student. She is a freshman at BYU-Idaho. Big changes happen when you move away from home and go off to college. To compliment her new lifestyle, Corinne asked for me to make her a new bag. Corinne and I collaborated, did some image searches online, and this is what we came up with.

Corinne wanted a hipster bag, which me being totally uncool wasn’t sure what that was. Basically it’s an across the shoulder bag, similar to a messenger bag, but with a different shape and no front flap. I thought, yeah… I can do that. I’ve made a messenger bag once, I can attempt a hipster bag.

Corinne picked out the lining fabric, which I think was a great choice. But of course I like it- it resembles a certain zig zag quilt I made. The gray fabric and white piping I already had on hand.

The bag is similar in style to the messenger I made Hailey. It is sized approx. 9x11 so she can tote a notebook to class with her. It's nice and simple with clean lines. The sides and the strap are all one piece and start wide and narrow at the center. I piped the edges- I just love the look of piping on bags! The bag has a front outside pocket and a zippered inside pocket. I thought about putting a zipper on the top of the bag to close it, but Corinne opted for a magnetic closure, which I also like.IMG_8201
I think it’s a super cute bag and I really like how it turned out. I thought about taking pictures and documenting my madness to share, but I really didn’t have any idea how it would turn out. I just went for it. I had a good idea of how to construct it, but I designed it slightly different enough from Hailey’s bag that I was unsure how to finish it. With the sides and strap being one piece, and piping all along it and the top, it proved to be a bit tricky to finish it off cleanly. But I did it, after some frustration. I told Kyle, I’m never making a bag again. Kyle responded with, That’s what you said last time. Yes, it’s true. But I like both bags enough I’d give them a try again. And now I have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

I like you hipster bag. In fact, I think I want one too.

I hope it’s what you dreamt of Corinne. :)

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  1. You are soooo talented!!! That bag is darling. Piping? Not a clue how to do that. Are you going to start selling bags in your shop too?!?

  2. Thanks Jessie! I do plan to eventually sell bags. Earrings are my starting point. I really want to work on the toddler messenger bag and refine it. Then I plan to sell those. I just need to find the time to work on it. With baby coming in 2 months it may be a while...

  3. Oh my gosh! Amazing!! Love that bag!

  4.'re the bomb! That's so cool!! I love it.

  5. I LOVE that bag!!! I have been needing slightly smaller bag than my diaper bag and I found some I would like to try a make, but if you miss Talent gets frustrated making this there's no way I can make one!

  6. Renae! You're so talented. It looks awesome!

  7. love your bag= you got my vote!

  8. Love it Renae! Featuring this on the blog tonight!


  9. this is unbelievably stunning!! Any chance of a tutorial or a pattern that can be purchased?

  10. Unfortunately, no, not currently. It is something I have considered doing, eventually.


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