Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sew-vivor: Week 2 (An Easter Dress)

It’s Sew-vivor voting time again! (Today only!) If you missed my project for Week 1, you can see it here.

This week’s challenge was to repurpose something. A couple of weeks ago I found a tutorial from Girl. Inspired. on Pinterest that repurposed a men’s dress shirt into a dress for a toddler. Genius! I thought it was a great idea and so cute! So, I decided for this week’s challenge I would make Hailey an Easter dress.

before and after
Let it be known that I am not a clothing sewer. I just haven’t gotten into it. I would love to! There are so many cute things out there to make, but I haven’t felt brave enough, or compelled enough to try it yet. So, this is the first dress I’ve ever attempted. And honestly, what a great way to go at it. It gave me the opportunity to take the shirt apart and see how it’s constructed. I personally don’t think the pattern pieces to sewing clothes are as straight forward as they are for other things.
I used a shirt and a dress of Hailey’s as my template for creating the pattern. I was pretty unsure by how the sleeves pattern should be made. Then I used my brain and made a pattern of the actual shirt sleeve in illustrator on the computer. I took the measurements from Hailey’s shirt and sized it down from there. Complicated? Maybe. But it totally worked.

I was pretty nervous about the dress fitting. I felt the same way when I made Hailey’s Halloween dragon costume. I guess I should just trust myself more, because they both came out fitting just fine. There’s so much less pressure when an exact size isn’t important!

detail collage
The details. I used only the original shirt material, but added fun purple buttons for some accent. I added elastic to the waist so the body of the skirt was loose. I put ruffles along the waist band for some girly cuteness, and sewed on small decorative pockets to the chest. The sleeves are 3/4 length and cuffed, so it still has some shirt feel to it. One last detail, I curved the hem up slightly to add a little bit of interest.
I think it’s a fun dress, and definitely a lot cuter than the shirt it started out as!

I’m pretty sure Hailey is tired of putting it on. On and off, on and off… poor girl. She was a trooper.

Alright- there’s the dress. Now go vote!


  1. I went and voted! I love the dress, great job Renea :)

  2. So adorably cute! I love the buttons. Just voted for ya. :)

  3. The dress turned out so CUTE!!! see... you CAN do clothes!!! I can't wait to see what is next! :)

  4. This turned out darling, and your daughter is adorable! (and my dad told me last week he was voting for you because the blog name was so clever:)

    1. Thank you. And as much as I would love your dad's vote, I certainly hope he voted for you. :) That's only fair! But I'm glad he got a kick out of our blog name. It was my husband's idea. He's the clever one in our family. I totally love your hand puppets by the way. Seriously. I think they're so fun! I may have to tackle that some day. My daughter would love those!

  5. This turned out so cute, Renae! I love the little ruffles and pocket detail, and of course, Hailey's smiley face and spunky pigtails. Thanks for sharing it with me!


  6. cute!!! oh my goodness Renae, you are SO talented! I'm totally voting for you.

  7. You are amazing. I love that cute dress!


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