Monday, October 31, 2011

Dragon! Beware!

Call me crazy, I just spent one entire week making Hailey’s Halloween costume. Worth it? So totally! I love how it turned out.

Dragon Costume 2011
I used McCall’s pattern MP440. It was one of those patterns that was on display near the cutting counter at JoAnn’s. And I got sucked in. I was planning on making Hailey a dinosaur costume, but then I saw this pattern for a dragon and loved it.

Let me tell you what, it was no easy pattern. First off, I haven’t actually sewn with a real pattern very often, and it’s been a while. I prefer using tutorials online that have full color pictures (not illustrations) and detailed instructions. So just reading the pattern itself was a challenge.

I definitely was confused more than once how something went together or worked. Especially the feet. Wow, I was lost. Thank goodness for Kyle and his mind. He didn’t need the pattern to figure out what was supposed to happen. That’s why he does what he does.

I learned a few things with this project: a better and easier way to sew on a zipper, how to make a dart, and all of those markings on the pattern pieces really are important… it may look like jibberish when you mark it, but it totally makes sense once you start sewing. Too bad I didn’t mark all of them…

I made a couple changes/additions to Hailey’s costume from what the pattern said. I realized that Hailey was totally going to look like a boy. A dragon isn’t a typical girl costume. So, I made a quick bow and stitched it to the top. The gloves in the pattern were supposed to be stuffed, like her feet are. But, how was she supposed to be able to hold anything? So, I traced Hailey’s hand and made my own three fingered dragon hands-with no stuffing.

IMG_3480_touch upROAR!


  1. I've been waiting for this post! You did a spectacular job on her costume! (I cut a few corners... like marking hardly anything and refusing to hand sew the hood!) I know I could use a sewing lesson or two from you! Bron had to help me put the body together. With the tail, I just couldn't visualize how the crotch came together. Jed had a dress for a minute there. And I'm glad you had a tough time with those ambiguous directions too! It makes me feel better.

    Hailey is sooo cute! I had that same thought: I spent HOURS on this costume and he's only going to wear it for an hour? haha Jed wouldn't even let us put him down at the trunk or treat at the park--too many weirdos around, I guess. :) Love the tail. Isn't it so cute to watch it drag behind her?! Love it. I kept enough material in the sleeves and legs to let out for next year! All that hard work needs a second round, don't you think? Unless another crazy bug hits and we do another insane pattern. But it was fun! A part of me wants to do it again! Haha

  2. The entire time I'm reading your post I kept going in my head, "Wait, she MADE the costume?!"

    I am beyond impressed. Cutest dragon ever.

  3. Great job! That costume lookes awesome!

  4. You really are so amazing! I can't believe you made that costume by hand. It looks so adorable. Maybe next year I can pay you good money to make one for Eva? We'll talk about that more later...


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