Friday, January 17, 2014

First Birthday Cupcake Toppers

I think parties are fun. Who doesn't? Party pooper... In college we threw some fun parties, like a fish themed birthday party for our goldfish. Yes, our goldfish actually made it to his birthday. He was a trooper of a fish. Seriously. It was a sad day when he died. We had a funeral.

But I digress...

I really don't go all out for parties. I'm not a big party planner. I think themed parties are fun. But they can get expensive! It adds up quick. But, I feel like when it's your very first birthday you deserve a little something special. Even if it's just a few streamers, a pile of balloons, a special birthday shirt, and a fancy topper on your cupcake.

After screen printing Keira's birthday shirt, I used the same design to make some cupcake toppers. I changed the wording from I'M #1 to KEIRA IS #1.

 I Love them. That's right, with a capital L. I made a birthday poster for my little girl and even put one on there too.

Want to make some? I made a file with five different colors, purple, orange, green, blue, and red. I took off the name, so they just say #1. I assume most anyone else wanting to use them won't be throwing a party for a little girl named Keira. Keira isn't that popular of a name. :)

Print the file out on cardstock, cut the fingers out, and tape a toothpick to the back. That's it!

Click on the image to download the file, or follow this link.


  1. I think you throw parties like I throw them. Why spend the money for something over the top and stress yourself out? But something cute and special, I'm all in!

  2. Liked your ideas for the party. With a bit of creativity, it’s possible to have a great party setup without spending too much. My son will also be a year old next week. I wanted a nice and simple house party, but we have quite a lot of family members who’ll be coming, and my husband wants to go for a bigger party. So we’ll be booking an affordable party space at one of the venues in Los Angeles.


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