Friday, May 24, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration

In high school I loved interior design. Loved it. I actually wanted to go to college and study interior design. I painted bright colored stripes on the walls of my room, which coordinated with the quilt on my bed. I made a few picture displays for my room, and always dreamt of doing more. I loved watching Trading Spaces on TLC, looking for new inspiration.

Then I moved away from home and went off to college. I took an introductory class in Interior Design and decided I liked it more as a hobby, and wasn't so interested in studying. I think the problem there was that the class was all about memorizing furniture styles and time periods, names of pieces, and their designers. It was lame. I took a 160 question test in 20 minutes and got 100% on it- all because it was straight memorization. I wasn't inspired to learn more.

In college I slowly moved away from design. I moved every year, I always rented, and I really didn't have the time or money to spend a lot of focus on sprucing up my space. 

After college, I married Kyle. It was still the same story, no money, no time, and always a rental= no desire to decorate.

Now that we own a house and have been here for almost a year, I'm finally growing tired of the bare walls, and boring furniture. I'm ready to decorate! But I've lost all inspiration and drive.

Today I sidetracked myself slightly by browsing through a couple of my own Pinterest boards, searching for inspiration. Here is some of what has me inspired: (click on the image to follow the link)

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