Saturday, June 9, 2012

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Kyle and I love to make homemade pizza. And we love to get fancy with it. Or at least Kyle does. Left up to me I just slap on some pepperoni and cheese. But when Kyle makes pizza, he makes pizza. And I love it.

IMG_6634_touch up

Kyle made a BBQ Chicken pizza for our dinner tonight. And it was so good. Mmm…

IMG_6633_touch up

He cooked the chicken with onion and garlic. Then he seasoned it with some cajun seasoning (which I’m so glad I brought back with me from Texas), and lightly with black pepper and cayenne pepper. In the same pan, he heated bacon (I buy the pre-cooked kind). He mixed the chicken and bacon together, and diced it all up.

The pizza crust (which I made) was topped with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce (our favorite), and then sprinkled with the chicken/bacon mixture. He also topped the pizza with diced tomatoes, followed by mozzarella cheese. After the pizza cooked, Kyle sprinkled on chopped spinach. Unfortunately, we didn’t have any cilantro. Cilantro would have been so good. Next time.

The sweetness of the BBQ sauce evened out the spiciness of the chicken. It was good. More please?

IMG_6632_touch up


  1. What crust recipe do you use? Is it a thin crust? I've been trying several different ones lately and they never turn out exactly how I want it. I like my crust a little crispy, so I think I need to go for a thinner crust.

  2. Jeff is the same way. When he cooks, HE COOKS and it is way better than anything I make. That pizza looks super yummy. And Sweet Baby Rays is the only BBQ sauce I allow in my house. It's the best. Well done my friends!


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