Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guest Posting on Destination: Craft today!

I have the best friends. Really. All of them are the best.

Today I am guest posting at my friend Kathryn’s crafting blog, Destination: Craft. Kathryn is a super cute girl, who loves to craft and make super cute stuff. Seriously.

We met in college at BYU. We both lived in the Colony, and we both worked in the copy center on campus. And she married my cousin’s best friend. Small world, eh?

Last month, I was given the awesome opportunity to participate in the Sew-vivor sewing competition. Kathryn got me there. Or at least got me headed in the right direction. I didn’t know anything about the competition. Kathryn saw my zig zag quilt and mentioned the Sew-vivor competition to me, and said I should apply. I was totally flattered, and also totally, like, what? Me? Compete? I don’t know… so I debated with myself for a little while, and then finally decided, what the heck, why not? So I applied. And I didn’t expect to participate. I just thought it might be fun if my quilt were given a little bit of recognition as having been considered. So, when I found out I had been selected I was shocked, and had nothing prepared. I had hardly even thought about it. So, even though I was totally unsure of myself in participating, I did it. And it was awesome. I sewed a lot, stressed a lot, but also had fun, and made things I may not have otherwise made.

So, today, Kathryn is sharing my tutorial for my toddler messenger bag. I shared the tutorial on here, but you can now also find it on Destination: Craft. Awesome, eh?


Head over to Destination: Craft and check out the tutorial, but don’t stop there! Take a look at all of the other fun things Kathryn has going on! My personal favorites right now, are her shelves made from a pallet and her laminated Plan of Salvation FHE lesson.

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  1. Some day maybe we can live by each other and you can rub your awesomeness off on me! Plus I miss you & Kyle!!


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