Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Toddler Apron

My valentine’s gift to Hailey: her very own apron.

I used a combination of tutorials from here and here (both links, I of course found on Pinterest.) I love how it turned it out, I think it’s so cute. And I want one for me.


  1. That is so cute! I have my mom's old sewing machine but have no idea how to load the bobbin :) I need you to come show me how to use it!

  2. The cutest apron ever! Would it be wrong to make one (without ruffles) for a boy? Every time I put mine on, Jed has to wear one too. haha

  3. ahhhh! so cute! I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to make lily an apron, I may have to copy you! :)

  4. Yes, that is super cute! It's funny how it seems to be more fun to sew kid stuff than grown up stuff. That might just be me though.


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