Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Reason to Be Excited about Grocery Shopping

Do you coupon? I’ve been trying to use coupons off and on for the past 6 months. And holy cow is it a lot of work. I have been able to find some pretty decent deals, which has been exciting. I have only used what coupons I can find online. We don’t have a newspaper subscription, but I fully intend on buying one once we settle down permanently for a little while. I also find it difficult to try to figure out who has the best deals on what, and I don’t like running around to 4 different stores to get the biggest amount of savings. Sometimes I feel like it’s such a hassle! I usually just check out Target’s coupons for the week, see what other coupons are available online, print out the ones I will use, and make my weekly trip to Target and WinCo.

So, anyway… I’ve been trying to save our family some money, especially since we aren’t making any to begin with. I’m sure with time I’ll learn to realize what a good deal looks like and I’ll start saving even more money.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I made this pretty sweet grocery list/coupon organizer. From this tutorial.

IMG_2725_touch up

And I’m super excited about it.

IMG_2726_touch up

Please ignore my ugly sewing on the bottom. I was having some issues…

See look, it has pockets for my coupons, a zippered pouch for a calculator, cash, or whatever else, a spot for my pen, and I can stick my grocery list right inside it too. Everything I need to grocery shop is all in one place!

What has my life come to? I get excited over organizing my coupons and grocery list. I think I need to get out more…


  1. Check out your public library. We found out that our library has free newspapers for the public. We go there on Saturday for the early bird Sunday edition so we can get the ads and coupons.

    Also, see if any grocery stores around you have online coupons. We found out ours does, so we just log on to the website and check off everything we think we might buy. When we use our customer loyalty card, it automatically deducts the money (that's a lot easier than actually cutting coupons!). I think it's a bug, but we noticed it also allows stacking. So there have been times where we got paid for buying stuff there!

  2. Renae, I love grocery shopping! Th weekly ad is probably my favorite piece of mail each week. It's like getting a present every week for me. We don't get a ton of coupons either, but when I see a good deal I totally jump for it. It's the best ever! Good luck in your goals and your new tote is super adorable.

  3. Um, wow! First off, when I saw the colors and the pears I thought, "That's so Renae!" You are TALENTED! And I think that's a great idea, because I always misplace my grocery list and my coupons!!!


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